Financial freedom begins with a plan. OPES Financial Solutions associates’ first job is to help individuals and families create that plan. OPES does this at no cost to its clients. The plan is complimentary, comprehensive, and confidential.

No-Cost Individualized Plans

OPES Financial Solutions understands that one size does not fit all. Beginning with the first meeting and throughout the relationship, the focus of OPES Financial Solutions associates is each client’s individual needs. OPES Financial Solutions will identify a set of options that provide some of the best opportunities for clients to accumulate wealth through steady growth of their savings.


  • • Educates clients about  the basics of building a financial foundation
  • • Creates a step-by-step plan that is realistic and track-able
  • • Matches clients’ needs with leading-edge companies, concepts and products

The Power of Being Non-Captive

The term “captive” in the financial industry refers to companies that produce their own products and only allow their agents to sell their proprietary products.  This can limit the options an agent has to offer a client. OPES is an independent, non-captive company. OPES Financial Solutions does not produce any products of their own.  Their clients do not invest in OPES Financial Solutions, they invest directly with industry leading product providers.  OPES represents some of the largest companies in the financial industry; companies that are house hold names, companies their clients know and trust.  OPES’ business model is non-limiting, and is driven by the understanding that different needs require different solutions and “one size” does not fit all. 

OPES Diversified Services and Solutions

OPES Financial Solutions offers a vast array of services that include, but are not limited to:

  • • Individualized Plans
  • • IRA's
  • • 403B's
  • • College Funds
  • • Roth IRA's
  • • Annuities
  • • Life Insurance
  • • Key Man Insurance
  • • 457's






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